Sunday, July 26, 2009

My First Hybrid!!!

O.K. so I used to paper scrap up until my son turned 3. I swear that's when I thought he was crossed with an octopus!!! His hands were everywhere when I was trying to scrap. So I just gave up.

I have been seeing so many amazing hybrid projects out there, but was always to afraid to do one. I have a real fear of glue!!! LOL!!

At work we are doing secret pals!! I put my name in &I got someone. So I bought some little fun size Snickers for my pal & some highlighters.
Then I started thinking about how cute it would be if I could package the candy up real cute. So I went checking in the Digi Chick's boutique & saw Mari Koegelenberg's Happiness gift set. It comes with 2 cute bags & 2 cards with envelopes.
Isn't that sooo cute!!
So I thought that this would be the easiest way to overcome my hybridphobia!!!
I opened up the card & bag in photoshop so I could put my text on those little clouds. Then saved them & printed. Easy Peasy!!!
I cut them out, glued where her wonderful instructions told me to & viola!!! So cute.

Can you believe I got 8 fun size Snickers in that bag?!
I used the multi exposure setting on my camera to take the pic so the front & back of the bag would be in 1 photo. This was the 1st time I used that setting so it doesn't look the greatest.
I guess today was a day of 1st's for me!!!
Have a good one!!!

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  1. Great job, it turned out GREAT!! I bet she loved it!