Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New from Danielle Engebretson

Hello everyone. What a super busy week.
I am so happy though. I finally got (thanks to my wonderful husband of 15 years) season 1 to True Blood. As of Saturday morning I had 7 more episodes to watch. The men had plans so I had a True Blood marathon!!!!
Now I want HBO so I can see season 2. I have to say that the books are better. But that is usually the case isn't it.

Anyway, Danielle Engebretson has this wonderful new kit out called Blue Skies & Lemonade.

Isn't that so cute. Love those wonderful colors. Thank goodness I have such a wonderful friend in Jenn (jennamy82) or I wouldn't have been able to use such a sweet kit.
My DS just doesn't like it if I use pics of him with girlie kits.
Here is my page. It's very simple, but Jenn seems to like it.
That is Jenn's adorable little girl when she was a baby.
Be sure to check back tomorrow!! I'll have a freebie for you!!!

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  1. Really love it Tiffany! gorgeous kit and such a pretty page!